Twitter steps up political censorship with Facebook-like labels for election announcements from non-mainstream media accounts

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โ€˜Election misinformation pre-bunkingโ€™? Twitter again censors Trump as it begins spamming Americans with new Orwellian warnings

Last month, the platform debuted a “disputed” warning similar to the election-misinformation prompt for users trying to retweet wrongthink, a move which was itself a partial walkback of the blanket ban on sharing a link to the New York Post’s story on the incriminating contents of Democratic scion Hunter Biden’s laptop. The decision was presumably spawned more by self-interest than censorship remorse, as the Republican National Committee had filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission charging Twitter’s latest attempt to (supposedly) prevent election meddling had in fact meddled in the election on behalf of the Biden campaign.

The platform’s efforts to micromanage the narrative have driven Trump, himself an enthusiastic Twitter user, into a frenzy, leading him to repeatedly threaten to repeal social media platforms’ Section 230 legal liability protection.

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