Gym seeks to dodge Poland’s new Covid-19 lockdown by rebranding as ‘Church of the Healthy Body’

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Police arresting Atilis Gym owners on July 27, 2020; Police telling Atilis Gym owners and supporters they are in violation of the executive order on May 18, 2020. © Facebook / Atilis Gym, Bellmawr, NJ
‘Swarm’ of police arrest New Jersey gym owners who defied governor’s order, escalating battle over Covid-19 lockdown

Gyms across the world have been forced to shutter amid the lockdowns intended to curb the spread of the virus. The Atlantic gym’s workaround wouldn’t work across the ocean of the same name, however, as the US states that imposed the strictest lockdowns have also banned most church gatherings.

A New Jersey gym made headlines this spring when it tried to reopen in defiance of the governor’s ban, only for its owners to be arrested and punished with astronomical fines and the loss of their business license. Their arguments that strict sanitation protocols have led to precisely zero infections fell on deaf ears. New Jersey eventually allowed churches to reopen in August, and gyms in September – both at 25 percent capacity.

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