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#Metoo, Moscow style: One of Russia’s biggest & oldest film studios comes under scrutiny for facilitating ‘MosFilm Maniac’

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Rusanova wrote an official letter to Mosfilm explaining her predicament but has received no official apology or explanation beyond the comment of their conducting an “internal review.” They have denied any knowledge of Belkov’s misdemeanours by telling her that “all we know is that he is someone who rents a studio and that he pays the rent on time.” According to Rusanova, Belkov was renting the cheapest of the available studio rooms to hold his castings in.

Her next step is to continue to inform the creative community about these matters and to potentially do something on Instagram. This method has proven effective before, like with the “#Mnye_Nuzhna _Glasnost” (#I_Need_Openness) hashtag that arose in June of last year and was used to bring awareness to the issues of domestic violence and casual sexual harassment that women have to deal with daily. Rusanova plans to do something similar to link the stories of the girls who have been flooding her inbox with their own experiences of harassment over the past few weeks since she made that initial post. She hopes to provide a platform and support network to those who have suffered and in turn make the industry a safer environment to work in.

At this point we are used to hearing about harassment cases involving big names and people in power but it’s even more concerning when somebody with no name to speak of can get away with such indecent behaviour. As Rusanova put it herself in a follow-up Facebook post, “My story is not so scary, the scary thing is that there are so many of them, that is what you should remember.”

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