‘Cuties’ goes to court: Netflix INDICTED by Texas grand jury for lewd depiction of children in controversial film

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Brian Stelter (R) became the second CNN host in four days to forego asking Netflix's CEO any questions about the controversial movie "Cuties" (L). © Netflix; CNN
Stelter asks Netflix CEO ZERO questions about ‘Cuties’ as CNN gives pass on film, accused of showing ‘child porn,’ for 2nd time

“I didn’t think anyone would have the balls to do it,” journalist Cassandra Fairbanks said of the indictment. “We don’t take kindly to that sort of foolishness here in Texas,” said one Twitter user. “Almost like their DA hasn’t been bought off by Soros yet,” tweeted another.

Among the reactions on Twitter was a suggestion that Netflix’s assets should be seized as penalty, or that some of its executives be indicted and sent to prison. Some observers said the indictment should be dismissed for violating free-speech rights, however, while others smelled hypocrisy, arguing that “actual child pageants” deserve the same scrutiny.

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