Assange ‘forced’ those behind war crimes ‘to look in the mirror,’ now faces revenge, John Pilger tells RT

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FILE PHOTOS: (L) Daniel Ellsberg gives an interview to RT at a protest at Fort Meade, Maryland; (R) Protestors carry signs outside London's Old Bailey court ahead of an extradition hearing for Julian Assange.
Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg testifies in Assange’s defense, says WikiLeaks exposed ‘war crimes’ in ‘public interest’

Despite the stakes, the Western mainstream media has turned a blind eye to the trial, including those who were happy to do reporting based on WikiLeaks disclosures.

“The way they turned on their source because he wouldn’t be part of their collusive club has been a disgrace. They know it’s been a disgrace,” Pilger said.

You can watch the entire interview here:

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